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massive butcher session

As the title said, this post will contain butchering of other people's OCs sob please cover your eyes /SHOTT/

So when Dii was working on her dAF CS, I mistook the item that her character was holding for a grief seed ^o^;; Now I can't unsee the image of Blythe being a mahou shou--/SHOT/ and that led me to draw this...
Mami!Blythe-- BLYTHE MY MASO WAIFUUUU/// Hurry up and upload his CS didiii hohoho ^///^ It's Dii's dAF character as male!Mami~ I actually debated on whether I should dress him as Mami or male!Mami but in the end I went with the genderbent ver becuase I don't want to butcher Blythe more than I already have-- *HIT*

theo charlotte
I.. Also drew Homu!Theo and Charlotte!Charlotte HAHA forgive me for butchering Theo, yuii ;o; and for not being able to draw Charlotte well sob teach me how to draw your cute OC Michi ;p;/ Anyway both Theo and Charlotte are so cute, I want to squish them ^///^ hohoho~
I am really tempted to draw all of the CL guild members as Madomagi chars LOL HNGHH NEXT IN LINE WILL BE Kyoko!Apiru and Mado!Edda ^o^ I'm at loss of who should be QB and Sayaka though ;_;" -bricked-

.... old-ish doodle of Dii's lovely characters Tsubame & Junta.. I ship them ok ;o;// *SHOT* IT'S SO MESSY SHJFKASF HNGH anyway this is based on the doodle didi posted some time ago with them in their middle school uniforms*o* I only realized yesterday that the junta in that image is.. actually... (...) ANYWAY AHHH JUNTA MY FIRST WAIFUUU I'M SORRY I CAN'T DO YOU JUSTICE SOB

Last~ A sketch of my second waifu ^///^... /SHOTTT/ KOUUU AAHHHH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HNGHH yes he's also Dii's oc sob why are people's ocs so interesting and so fun to draw hnghhh/// Kou is so awesome I swear ahhh that haraguro sadist ^///^ I need more of him hnghh~

Aha sorry for the sketches><;;! I'm sorry for having you bear with my messy sketches all the time;__;! I still can't touch my tablet atm.. Exams will start next week and will end in the beginning of june ;~;" still so long orz aahh I wish I can just skip to holiday orz;;